Mauro Parmesani – Journalist and Photographer

Mauro Parmesani



was born, as a professional photographer, in 1980.
He is specialized in under water shots and was originally full time engaged in publishing houses dedicated to travel reportages, choosing topics like ethnicity, nature, environment and the sea.
In his career he has contributed to the main Italian travel magazines like AD (Conde Nast) and worked as an exclusive photo reporter for Traveller (Conde Nast) for 8 years. For AD magazine he was in charge of the travel column “Escape” .
He was also image and lifestyle consultant for various Italian Tour Operators. Besides he wrote several travel books and guides, like “Mauritius the Tropic of Harmony”, “Maldives a Changing Country”, “Guide to Maldives”, “The Red Sea“ and “Guide to the South African Parks”. As a traveller suffering nostalgia for Africa, he flew over the Dark Continent on a Cessna 210, a small tourism plane, driven by a pilot, who is also a true friend and guide.
Leaving from Cairo he got to Cape Town in 25 days, flying 12.000 km, flying sometimes for 70 hours with a dozen of halfway stops in nine African states. He followed the course of Nile till Khartoum, of the Blue Nile till Addis Abeba. He flew over wonderful landscapes like the Great Rift Valley, The Victoria Falls, the Delta of the Okavango and the Namibia desert.
No river, corner of land or sea has escaped his lens, creating “Africa from the sky”, a rich collections of photos which are unique and moving, taken between sky and earth.
His photographic archive contains thousands of shots: from Australia to Maldives, from the Caribbean to Namibia, from the Nile to the Amazon River. Mauro also deals in locations, logistics, event organization, fashion services and advertisement. Finally he dedicates himself to the image of Riad Infinity Sea in Marrakech, Morocco, his latest creation.