Irene is an italo-venezuelan electronic music artist.
As a music composer and live performer, Irene displays all the characteristics of the life-long music lover.
Dancer in her childhood, classical guitar player until she is fourteen, in the late 90s she is fond of compilation collectionism (timeless pop, dance, rock and disco music).
Thanks to a deep-rooted passion for all kind of electronic music and for the new computer technologies she started first producing her own tracks and then with djing, developing her own music style.
Her first release is on Evolution Recordings in 2009 with ‘Just a dream’.
Few months later she makes her first appearance on Andrew K’s ‘Vise Versa Music’ label with Simon Firth’s Shake it Remix.
The year later she collaborates with Matt Farrell on his label ‘Fractured Beats’ who remixes her minimal melodic anthem ‘Dark Blue’.
In 2012 she begins her collaborations with Paul Hazendonk’s Cinematique record label.
In 2013 she releases a remix for Adrien de Valentin ‘Just me you Love me’ on music producer-dj Spada’s label ‘Lovejet’.
Her work shows a balance between energy and minimalism which reflects her non-aggressive vision of music and life where the ‘quality over quantity’ ideal plays a key role.
Alongside the DJ and music producer activities she is sound designer for various brands and restaurants in Italy and abroad.